Our hot water is cold. Do we call a plumber or an electrician?
If there is no water coming out of the hot taps, this could be an air block and a plumber is required. If the water coming out is cold an electrician is required.

My power bill is very high – What can I do?
There could be a fault with your hot water thermostat. We can check this for you & check your power bill to see if you are being charge correctly and recommend ways so save power.

My light bulbs keep blowing regularly, is my wiring faulty?
Generally faulty wiring is not the cause. Poorly manufactured incandescent light bulbs blow often and are not energy efficient. We recommend using a range of energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps. These offer long life and lower operating costs. We can carry out a free energy efficiency check and make recommendations where you cold save up to 30% off your lighting costs.

My fuse or circuit breaker keeps blowing, What is wrong?
Fuses blow from either overloading the circuit or from a fault. An electrician is required to check this and locate the fault.

I’m moving into a new house and the power has been off for 6 months or more. What do I need to get the power on?
An electrical inspector is required to check the property for safety and issue a certificate of verification(COV). Once this has been issued your power company will turn the power on.

I want some electrical work done, how much will it cost me?
Call us for a free no obligation quotation on 04 563 6546 or email us at info@thompsonelectrical.net.nz